Sustainability at Montgomery College

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Congratulations to the students, faculty and staff of Montgomery College for recycling 69 percent of  their solid waste in 2008! You have again exceeded the County’s 50 percent recycling goal and  redirected 2.9 million pounds of trash that would otherwise be burned in the incinerator or dumped  into the landfill. You have also reduced your total waste stream from last year by 362,000 pounds. The  chart compares the trash and recyclables for the past several years and the table lists types and  quantities of waste and recycled materials.

Let’s keep up the good work and try to keep the recycling numbers high but also let’s try to further reduce our total waste stream at the College and in the community. Remember that reduce, reuse and recycle are the basics of minimizing our waste stream and that your individual contributions can make a big impact. Consider reusable water bottles rather than disposable plastic, digital rather than paper communications and please use the properly marked waste and recycling containers.

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